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  1. Tus versos ya son internacionales
    Algo tendrán que, en estos mares
    con eco, sus recitados llegan a pares.
    En esta red la belleza colma sus canales.

    No hay un mayor cumplido
    que la difusion de un trabajo,
    hecho y plenamente sentido,
    con esfuerzo y sin buscar atajo.

    Los caminos de la inspiración,
    a veces, son largos y penosos
    para finalizarlos con satisfacción.

    No seamos unos poetas perezosos
    y, en nuestros versos, la emoción
    plasmemos haciéndolos hermosos.

    Saludos ✌️

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    1. Un corazón agoniza y de él brota
      un suspiro, le han salido unas alas
      que no saben volar, le dan fuerza los amigos.
      Esos que se preocupan,  que le dejan sus palabras y a los que yo tanto admiro.
      Gracias mi querido JM, tú eres uno de ellos.
      Un abrazo🙋🏼‍♀️🌹

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            1. Con el tiempo me puedo plantear comprar un dominio y allí poner todas o muchas de mis historias o poemas. Un libro recopilatorio puede ser tentador pero el reconocimiento que tengo por aquí es más reconfortante y directo.😊🖐

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  2. La belleza del poema y tu voz ya formaban un precioso conjunto, Yvonne. Ahora, con las imágenes quedó sensacional. ¡Qué lindo regalo te ha hecho Marzia! Tu poesía lo merece, amiga. ¡Gracias a las dos!
    ¡Un abrazo grande!

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  3. Wonderful. Thank you, Yvonne. Liked, shared, flipped to my “Poetry in Blogs” Magazine :



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      1. You’ re welcome, Yvonne. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have an account. All that matters is that i pass your wonderful poetry, your posts, your blog, properly tagged, and whoever is interested is gonna find you. Take care, dear, and enjoy !

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    1. Hi, the poem is written in Spanish. I don’t know languages ​​but the Google translator helps me. of the payment translated with this tool, although the translation is not literal.


      My back lying on the salt sand from our warm beach. You kissed my hands softly, my neckline and you caressed my belly under that ornate sky by neon fireflies They silently looked at us. You loved me with such passion that the rough waves with envy taken away drumming the shore of the sea beat. To the rhythm of that love that we gave each other out, without thinking about the clock … until dawn surprised us. We fell faded after making love On the wet sand. You looked at me and very slowly you approached I loved you waiting, but you told me a secret and you looked down. I got up very fast, I went into that sea still agitated by sparkling waters They thought they understood my pain and my anger. You wanted to reach me but Neptune in his abysmal kingdom taking me, hugged my body and transported me to the most Deep in those dark waters. Now I live happily in a dream world, where mermaids comb my hair with white mother of pearl combs and they embroider dresses adorned with coral and with beautiful fringes and bright seaweed. Yvonne Torregrosa AUDIO https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FgSm7GHFurKRslZx35pwKAjuYg-b4pCy/view?usp=drivesdk

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  4. I wish you are doing great, Yvonne. I created a video for the Poetry in Blogs. I used a few seconds from this video of yours (the audio part) with your voice. I hope you like it. Take care and enjoy. Thank you.


    Poetry in Blogs : https://flipboard.com/@outosego/poetry-in-blogs-kughp7i3y

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/outosego/status/1179870506780168194

    V.Press : https://videopress.com/v/uK8yHDhC?loop=1&autoPlay=1

    Wp_Reader : https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/95234951/posts/2436212355

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